easyDialog is a consulting service for voice technology and everything around it. Voice technology changes the way we interact with computers and machines: You just “speak and listen” to websites, cars, phones, databases, factory machines or household electronics, just as if you talked to a human counterpart – no more clumsy typing, staring at small screens, or searching for the right buttons.

Voice is definitely something for your products, services and ideas, too – we will show you exactly how.

Christoph Neumann (Founder of easyDialog) introduces Bixby in German to DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile, at IFA consumer fair, Sept. 2018


Voice Consulting

Choosing voice is a big decision with a high entry threshold – things will change drastically. The benefits of voice are plenty, but you’ll need to prepare and chose carefully how you do voice. easyDialog is independent of and not connected to any specific voice platform, we will help you rethinking hardware, software and user experience from your specific perspective first, and then chose the voice configuration that is best for your product

Voice Solution Building

Our experts have designed, built and deployed voice solutions customized on Alexa, Google, Bixby, Siri, Nuance and other platforms, to customers in a wide range of industries. They will sit down with you from start to end to make sure your voice interface works well, too.

Partners and Projects

From designing an embedded voice control for cars in 14 languages, and localizing the Bixby voice assistant in German, to adding fun to your daily laundry routine with an Alexa skill for washing machines or creating the industry’s first natural language understanding solution in an Asian language – we have successfully deployed groundbreaking and innovative voice applications.

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