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How much money would an IVR save at our call center?

Isn’t the Google API all we need?

Can we just have the Pepper robot do all the talking?

I want to voice-enable my chatbot.

What are the benefits and costs of building an Alexa skill for Amazon's Echo?

Our customers call from loud coffeeshops or driving cars – isn’t this too noisy?

Can I use voice without Internet access?

Choosing voice is a big decision with a high entry threshold – things will change drastically. The benefits of voice are plenty, but you’ll need to prepare and chose carefully how you do voice. We help you rethinking hardware, software and user experience in terms of what’s best for your product.

  • Usability Study: We evaluate and predict benefits and risks of adding voice to your product, in terms of user satisfaction, performance changes, resource costs and gains, and competitor standing. We will also help you chose the best supplier and platform for your needs, see below.
  • Design: In close collaboration with your UI designers, engineers and domain experts, we determine the ideal specifications of a voice interface on top or instead of your current interface. We then lay out the individual requirements and implementation steps to realise this project.
  • Customization: According to your specifications and your budget, we build customized voice solutions on all major platforms, from scratch. We will also assist with the integration into your current software architecture, and with licensing and copyrighting procedures.
  • Optimization: You already have a voice solution in place, but your customers are not using it. We scrutinize the performance in terms of our KPI matrix and then provide areas of suggestion or build you a new one.
  • Evaluation / Benchmarking: How good (or bad) are the voice solutions of your competitors really? Don’t just rely on shiny sales slides: For a given market or product, we will use sophisticated metrics and unbiased evaluation methods to give you an objective and detailed report on the impact of a specific voice solution.


I already have an Alexa skill – how do I port it to the Bixby and Google voice platforms?

Does it make sense to add Siri to our corporate iPhone app?

My software is running on a small RaspberryPi, and I just want to add a few voice commands with low footprint.

How to embed voice with my database and the kitchen fridge?

I want to build a Chinese voice solution – but I don’t speak the language.

We have a voice interface – our customers just don’t use it.

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